Rodney A Orange Memorial Fund 



Rodney served as Managing Director for Arena Players Incorporated (affectionately Arena Players or Arena Playhouse) and worked tirelessly on behalf of the organization for more than 30 years.

We celebrate his legacy, his strength, his fortitude and triumphant moments amid years of adversity. We celebrate him as a family man, and we celebrate his ongoing commitment to maintaining family values as foundational element at the Arena Playhouse. We celebrate his entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to provide space and opportunity to multiple generations of new and emerging entrepreneurs, producers and administrators.

Rodney was born January 28,1961. He attended Baltimore City Public schools and graduated from Walbrook High. After matriculating from Wallbrook, he attended Morgan State University for 2 years and then decided to enlist in the US Army. He served proudly for three years, and was discharged honorably after being injured. As a young man, Rodney developed a style of class that set him apart from the others. He loved to be fashionable and was very good at coordinating his outfits. He was extremely neat and was often referred to as a “neat man”.

He enjoyed taking photographs, traveling, sports, fellowship, mentorship, and producing large scale events for the community. During Rodney’s tenure at the playhouse he moved from Facilities Managing… to Managing Director…to Executive Director. With each job, he brought dedication, business acumen and the unique ability to engage people from all walks of life. If a job was not done properly, he would not rest until it was correct. He loved the Arena Playhouse and worked arduously, even up to his death, to make sure things were done in order.

Rodney was very organized and enjoyed producing comedy and jazz shows. He showcased many well-known comedians at the Arena Playhouse, before they became famous.

These are just some of the things he accomplished. Surely the best of his accomplishments was that he was a great father. He loved his children, and he made sure he supported them in every way that he could. He loved young people, and was always supportive of children that were not his own.

An all-around great man! We will continue to celebrate him as we march boldly into the future with his vision of an accessible community-based art center in hand.

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