Souls Gone Home

George Arnold

George Bennet

Margaret Christopher

Reverend John Minor Day

Verna Day

Louise G. Murphy

Blanche McRae

George E. Simms

Delores Yvonne Stokes

S. Leroy Taylor

Edward Supplee Terry Jr.

Robert Chew

Lori Goodman

Sevalyn White

Bessie McGowan

Joan Coarsey

Linzell Patterson

Debra Brown

Camilla Sherrad

Zerita Skates

Mary Cater Smith

Earl Burton

Marvin Sampson

Ed Heath

Victor Myrick

Charles Pryor

Ronnie Larkins

Fred McFadden

Dr. Hilbert Stanley

In loving memory of those Arena Players who have taken their final curtain calls.

From all the Arena Players on the stage and all those waiting in the wings.  

Samuel H. Wilson Jr. 

Dorthy Ward Thomas

Irvin Henry Turner

Eleanor Welch

Charlotte Williams

Jack Williams

Joseph Paraway Wilson

Julius Elbert Wilson

Robert Edward Russell

John Taylor

Cornell Gregory Jones

George Brooke Barrick

Vacountess Payne

Samuel H. Wilson III

Dana K. Orange

June Thorne

Harvey Denmark

Ackneil Muldrow

Gorham Scott

Myra Arvin

Vernadine Mitchell

Henry G. Parks

Catherine Adams

Mary West Miller

Lafonde Holley

Michael Newton

Cameron Bryan

Christine Bryant

Edward Christopher 

Bill Banks

Jean Hill


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Hello Arena Family!

In the spirt of renewing tradition and sustaining history you are cordially invited to Arena Players Incorporated’s Annual Banquet and Fundraiser!

The banquet was established in 1953 as a way of celebrating the institution, it’s volunteers, participants and patrons. Come enjoy a night of entertainment, recognition, fellowship and and fun on August 8, 2020 at Cylburn Arboretum!

Tickets and other ways to support can be accessed by clicking the flyer below.

Please stay tuned for exciting new programming, and we hope to see you at the Playhouse!

The Arena Staff and Board of Directors